The Walking Dead Quotes

You kill or you die or you die and you kill – the Walking dead Sundays 9|8c AMC

Sometimes you gotta play a role… Even if it means people you love hate you for it. – Pete, all that remains

Merle: You’re a cop

Rick: All I am anymore, is a man looking for his wife and son. Anyone who gets in the way of that is going to lose

We bury the one we love. and burn the rest

You dont get to come back from things – Clara

You better watch your mouth sunshine – Daryl Dixon

Eveyrthing’s going to be okay – Carl

We can all come back from this, we’re not too far gone.

You sleep outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays, you breathe, and you risk your life. Every moment now, you don’t have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you’re risking it for -Hershel Greene, the Walking Dead S04E03

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