Happy Birthday Quotes for People in Heaven

Happy Birthday. Today is your birthday in heaven above, my blessings I send on the wings of this dove. Not just for today but everyday hereof. I think of you always with all my love. Always Loved, Forever Missed – Toni Kane


Missing You on your birthday. You were very kind and thoughtful with a warm and loving heart and when other people needed help, you always played your part. You’re thought of every single day whatever time of year but somehow more than ever now your special day is here. No present can be given and that’s really very hard but there’s a world of love inside this special little card. Each memory is shining bright and treasured dearly, too, But memories can’t take the place of someone dear, like you

Missing you on your birthday.
As I visit your resting place,
Upon this special day,
Once more I feel the sadness,
That will never go away,

For ever since you’ve gone,
Life has never been the same,
Yet, it comforts me to know,
That one day we will meet again,

Until that day arrives,
I’ll relive every memory,
Of the happy times we shared,
Together you me and your dad,

For I miss you so very much,
And words could never convey,
The extent of the Joy,
That you brought to us everyday.


Birthday wishes to heaven, with love. Though we miss you always each and every day. It seems to hit us even more because it is your birthday. We send wishes to heaven carried to you, upon a prayer. To the place where you are now. With sweet, tender love and care

Happy Birthday in Heaven.

Your birthday brings back memories, of laughter and of tears, of all the celebrations held, throughout those precious years. As you’re now watching over me, I hope that you can see,
how much those memories we made, will always mean to me. I’ll always cherish times we had and smile just at the thought, I hope you know the magnitude of joy your life here brought.
On holidays and birthdays, it’s so hard to be apart, Like every day that falls between, your memory fills my heart. You’re with me now where ever I go, you’re part of all I do, I’ll celebrate your special day and the gift of knowing you.

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