Good Morning Poems

Good morning

A morning is a wonderful blessing, either cloudy or sunny. It stands for hope, giving us another start of what we call life. Have a good morning and day!

Good Morning Poems for Her

Mornings will come

Then they will go

But I will always be there

I hope you know

The sun will rise

It will go down too

But I will always

Be there for you

Good morning



I start my day

With a steaming cuppa

But inside that cup

What’s hidden is euphoria

It’s the anticipation

Of seeing your lovely face

The beautiful thing

In life’s crazy race

Good morning


My days are incomplete

Without you sweetheart

Nights are painful because

With you, I never want to part

The only days that don’t

Seem to be never-ending

Are the ones that I spend

With you all morning and evening


A beautiful morning like this

Makes me want a hug and a kiss

My steamy cup of coffee

Makes me want to get cozy

This warm and tranquil sunrise

Reminds me of your lovely eyes

Everything about this morning

Makes me want to be with you darling

Good morning


Every morning makes me feel

Relaxed and calm

It’s like someone has applied

A really soothing balm

You are the reason

For all this tranquility

I hope such a feeling

You always give me

Good morning


Good Morning Poems for Him

Only for you 

A start of another bright day,

As I sip my tea for the day,
I am thinking about you,
Wondering how will I feel to see you today
As you truly make my day
You have a awesome effect on me,
Its for you to see!
At start of another bright and cheerful day,
Good morning my love for today!

A hug for you my dear 
A cozy hug for my man to be,
Even in the mornings,
It’s you, who I think about or see,
Don’t know why I love you so much,
Just longing for your hug and touch,
I miss you so much,
Good morning my dear,
Do smile and cheer!


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