WCW Quotes Woman Crush Wednesday

I would make you my #WCW but I don’t wanna look thirsty

Women be like. Todays #WCW my muthafuckin self


U see I would post my #WCW, but the way I thirst niggas are. Don’t worry she fine though

Yo Soy tu #WCW No te hagas Pendejo

SO you were no one;s WCW. Life must be so hard

No one WCW K den

No One’s WCW? That’s ok, I like food more than I like you anyways

My girl not allowed to be my #WCW. She might start thinking she can be seen in public

Your #WCW leggings musty

No WCW cause… These hoes aint loyal

Working Woman Wednesday.  Shoutout to all the hard working women

WCW Memes World Crush Wednesday

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