Tony Awards Memes

Neil Patrick Harris. Stand Patrick Harris


I’m your host Neil Patrick Harris and I’m the spirit of tradgedyhosting tumblr_mo7bu25EVI1qfigugo2_500


I don’t always watch the Tony Awards, but when I do, it’s not to see William long and Charlotte St. martin perform a numberindyex


These are my awards mother. From Emmyhyujn


Cause I promise you all of us here tonight200_s


gays… gays everywhereimages


Won special Tony Awards. For being ridiculously good lookingac98ac229462641b65e37772feba5600


Non theater person: “The what awards?”

Me: What do you mean you don’t knat the Tonys are?f75cfddc13b969f46956e737fdb0ea40c2f35260ea9e2be2b9fba203040b85c8

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