The Walking Dead Memes

Says he’s your best friend. leaves you in hospital full of zombies and bangs your wife

Morgan: You said you turn your radio on every day at dawn, and you were not there

Rick: I swear to God… I had stuff… Things..


I’m Back…. Wait. What do you mean October. – Morgan

When the cops pull you over but you already threw out the weed

The walking dead is back. Immediately breaks your heart

Hey Abraham, what’s your favorite color? Washington D.C.

Carl Grimes – Come on dad, tell them about all the bad things he did in Season 3!

Rick Grimes – LOL No

Maybe I’ll let you shave me down all over… dolphin smooth.

You’rewaling around unarmed in the zombie apocalypse, eating cookies, having cocktails parties… and I’m the crazy one

That moment you realize AMC is about to kill Christmas

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