The Force Awakens memes

They said I could drive anything, so I drove this flash drive

The Force Awakens!


These aren’t the droids your looking for

Three decades later…

what the hell!

Those were the droids we were looking for

Fan Boys complaining about this…. But forgot how much we complained about this and how awesome it was on screen

Yo dawg, I heard you like lightsabers, so we put sabers in yo saber so you can saber while you saber

Then the force awakens, kisses the handsome prince and they all live happily, Disney after. Your not my Star Wars

Found anything yet? We ain’t found shit

First Trilogy One

Second Trilogy Two

Third Trilogy three

I went to Tatooine and all I got was this Popsicle ship

Don’t lie you thought this was a tiny droid on a soccer ball

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