Stick Figure Memes

This is Bill.

Bill likes music but he knowa not everyone wants to hear what he’s listening to on the 6am train.

Bill is considerate.

Be like Bill

This is Uma Thurman

She Killed Bill.

Be like Uma.

Kill Bill

Don’t be like Bill.

This is Kim.

Kim doesnt annoy her friends by asking stupid questions.

Kim simply googles them instead.

Kim is smart

Be like Kim

This is Donald.

Donald hates everyone.

Donald is a wackjob.

Donald thinks he will not lose any voters if he were to shoot someone.

Donald is a fuckwhistle

Don’t be like Donald Trump

This is Sarah.

Sarah sees that you’re still logged in facebook on her computer.

Sarah logs you out.

Sarah doesn’t post shit on something.

Sarah is a good friend.

Be like Sarah

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This is Bill.

Bill is running out of ideas.

So now he is posting shit memes which isn’t funny.

Bill is a Idiot.

Don’t be like Bill.


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