Ruby Rose Memes

I’m straight and married, and yes Ruby Rose is sexy, I would never go gay for her but I would definitely kiss her


I swear Ruby Rose made me for sure lesbian. She is just….. PERFECT0518aa6be9f6c85554005b86310d1ca7726eee-wm


Oh, so you saw Ruby Rose on OITNB Please tell me about how you’re suddenly a lesbian 62985326


when you think you straight but then Ruby Rose comes and confuses youinsta


Ruby Rode are U really gonna cry over thatimagoes


Finding out the Ruby Rose will be playing Stella Carlin has girls like. I may beyoung but I’m ready11084885_1392974447688640_44876078_n


Yeah, if I could be as hot as Ruby Rose. that would be great49143250


I’m gay for Ruby Rosetumblr_nq1sb9lv4H1qe4b8eo1_500


I don’t know who exactly this ruby rose person is but now I’m not sure that I’m straighttumblr_nq0ppxvTac1svqfkno1_500


When your gay but then all of a sudden Ruby Rose starts confusing youtumblr_nq1ulgR9Vt1qj2cwko1_500

I might steal your heart but Ill leave your car  index

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