Ramadan Memes




So u sleep after sahoor & wakes up at Iftar. U really r observing Ramadan323190


1st night of Taraweeh11312450_1599036757011735_427644387_n


Ramadan let the real hunger games begin11327157_1581754888744093_142561200_n


Here comes Ramadan aaaaand it’s gone11356674_594081447401505_1923715393_n


I don’t usually be popping bottles but when I do, its Rooh Afzaaa803f82b173bac683540eef723ef7b8


You know what really grinds my gear. When people ask me if I get hungry while fastingelmjk0y


The last day of Sha’banimage


11 months of year. Ramadanramadan


I don’t al;ways go to mosque, but when I do it’s on Eidramadan-meme-6


Knows I’m fasting for Ramadan. Tells me to occasionally sit and do nothingtk5dhh

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