Pokemon Go Memes

Employer: why do you want to work for us?

Me: there’s a Blastoise in here

Employer: (sweating) where

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Her: come over

Me: I can’t I’m playing #pokemongo

Her There’s a Charizard in my backyard


Ayy my boy Oddish just came over! its about to be lit #pokemongo

*one month after playing pokemon go*

Doctor: Do you exercise?

Me: I play Pokemon Go

Doctor” *writes on notepad* “fit af”.


Actual photo of the Pokemon Go servers

When you see that pikachu but your on the highway #pokemongo

Walk to the office with Pokemon Go

Walk to the office without Pokemon Go


#Pokemongo: you must walk to move your avatar



My closest gym is legit behind this fence. They are taking this way serious, its not even built yet! #pokemongo

you’re going to be on a date and get the notification “There is a chazard nearby”

I’ll be right back


Cop: describe who your looking for

Lady: short, energetic, yellow, cute

Cop: Ma’am this better not be a pokemon

Lady: …. ability to attack with thunderbolt

Cop: alright hands behind your back

#pokemongo let’s hope I don’t get killed at 3:50am because I just found out it was released


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