New year, New Me Memes

To Everyone who still goes to the gym after January – Leonardo Dicaprio

Say “New Year, New Me” on more mother fucking time! – Samuel L. Jackson

It’s almost time to repeat the whole New Year, New Me thing

SO you hate seeing New Year, New Me posts every new year?

but love reading about insignificant negative shit that encourages no one

Bitches already screaming new Year New me, as if that pussy came with a clear history button – Xzibit

Brace Yourselves New Year New Me bullshit post are coming

Here comes the New Year New Me bullshit

At the start of this year, i am leaving my past behind me so if I owe you some money, I am sorry… I have moved on – Leonardo Dicaprio

Happy New Year – 2018

To the best of everything in your life – Leonardo Dicaprio

No New Year/ New me here

I will be the same asshole I was last year – Leonardo Dicaprio

National Hangover Day Memes 2018

2018 Happy New year Facebook Status

2018 Happy New Year Memes


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