Netflix And Chill Memes

When I say netflix and chill i actually mean netflix and chill

When he comes over for netflix and chill and actually watches netflix and chills

When she asks you to chill and watch netflix and you actually chill and watch netflix

When he say netflix and chill but you know he aint go netflix cuz its 1610

On an unrelated note I want to Netflix and Chill

30 minutes into netflix and chill and he gives you this look

20 minutes into “Netflix and Chill” U got to give her this look

When it really is just “Pizza and Netflix” SMH

When you go over to chill and she keep pressuring you for sex

You said netflix and chill

Little girl: Mommy, how are babies made?

Mom: Oh boy, umm… well ya see sweetheart, ba…

Dad (interrupts): Netflix and Chill

When you go over to watch netflix and chill and she really puts a movie on.

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