National Hangover Day Memes 2018

When is National Hangover day?

NATIONAL HANGOVER DAY. National Hangover Day is observed annually on January 1st. The day follows New Year’s Eve, a day that traditionally is spent celebrating to bring in the New Year.



Before the party

After the party

Smoking a little weed to cure a hangover

aaaaaand it’s gone

99% of the population right now

National Hangover day

When I started having 2 day hangovers

oh my fucking god

Waking up hungover and thinking about all the stupid shit you agreed to do today while you were lit AF last night

I don’t always say I’m drinking again but when I do I’m a fucking liar

Last night


Today looks like a beautiful day to stay in bed and recover from my hangover.

Happy National Hangover Day!


Tomorrow may be national hangover day, but today is national beer day! cheers

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