Meme History #memehistory

The native Americans when Columbus showed up and told them they were IndiansĀ  #MemeHistory

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When restaurants were first intgrated and blacks had white folk’s potato salad for the first time #MemeHistory

Coretta Scott King when MLK came at 3am after a protest #MemeHistory


White man on bus: Give me seat!!

Rosa Parks:

When God spoke through the burning bush to tell Moses go back to Egypt and tell Pharaoh let his people go #MemeHistory

Jesus: one of you will betray me



When the driver of JFK’s car looked at the backseat to see what all of the commotion was #MemeHistory

Paul Revere warning everyone that the British were coming #MemeHistory

When David saw Goliath the first time #MemeHistory

When you at the banquet function and all of a sudden Jesus turns water to wine #MemeHistory

The slave master wife when she saw a mixed kid on the plantation #MemeHistory

The colony of Roanoke and all residents vanished without a trace in 1590 #MemeHistory

Mary when she had to explain to Joseph that she pregnant but still a virginĀ  #MemeHistory


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