Meek Mill vs. Drake Memes

#MeekBeLike Pharrell ain’t even happy

I’m exposing drake on twitter tonight…. u gona rt me?

I write with drake all the time, its our job man




But who compared meek mill to Drake is the bigger question of this argument


One does not simply accuse Drake of having a ghostwriter


#meekbelike that ain’t even me on the shirt


Drake be like, I hope this beef doesn’t affect our friendship


#meekBeLike she don’t even got any nieces or nephews. Aunt Jemima


So you paid me for a verse that I didn’t write?


Nothing gonna be the same


Nicki looking at meek like …… wyd


#MeekbeLike don’t compare me to MLK .. All them dreams wasn’t even his

You ever just look @ your bae &  think “Damm you is kinda ugly”


How many enemies does drake have now. Another one

You better hope he not in the studio flamin you now, see this why I didnt wanna claim ya goofy ass

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