Male Romper RompHim Memes

Need to pee but I’m wearing a romper

They gon laugh in your face and talk behine your back but you wear that romper with pride, like a man

When somebody says  “nice jumpsuit”. When you’re clearly wearing a romper

After sex and she just throws your romper over to you and says ‘your uber here’

If your chatting rompers for men and not paying homage to maybe the most iconic male romper-on-film you’re not even serious, bruv

When she try to pull ya romphim  to the side on the first date

Me helping my dawg put on his romper before we hit the town

When the romper get caught in his butt crack

how many babies would I have if a man showed up in that romphim

Me and my girl going to the bedroom taking off our rompers at the same time

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