Lebron James Memes Playoff Edition #NBAPLAYOFFS

Keep calm and go Cavaliers



And now a sad song for all my haters10629832_361869124023252_1869124674837911881_n


You Mad?11054823_869087349794427_4038469049359020571_o 11267434_1455758514737935_2638587170910538995_n


He’s a great player that makes the others great. he’s the true definition of a great player11295536_992075590816864_9160502079878954578_n


The haters have arrived11390199_10153302216365359_1743920473053763155_n


Criticized for not being able to win alone. had a playoff record of 1-9 before Scottie Pippen was drafted11390296_1643739032522321_5210815055565662101_n


That moment you realize LeBron is better11390299_10207406916837605_8940965915084908495_n

Stong quote by Lebron james on the bond with his teammates. #NBAPLAYOFFS.

Ido everything for my team. I do everything for my teammates. I want these guys to be able to feel this moment. That’s what I came back here for.11392825_999798293393732_4718747909500769268_n


How your ears react when you hear people say Lebron is the greatest of all time.11407123_1615307355351268_5120296742593369742_n


Lebron Haters this Playoff. Go Celtics! Go Bulls! Go Hawks! Go Warriors!


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