Knicks 2015 Draft Memes

He has a great sense of American culture, ” a Kristaps Porzingis teammate told me. “He goes on WorldStarHipHop every day.”


Knicks fans be like. We Done!!!11665555_1625989287687864_2781759324647788718_n 11222434_10204122683018979_3224478858567811299_n


Does this offend you?17314_1032028000171498_8909023602899999258_n




Knicks fans boo as Phil takes Latvian big man Porzingis. Zingin the blues11200795_681168281988805_6247727776875491054_n


Kristraps Porzingis PF – Latvia11666064_1065354446830445_5501376365364480825_n


The Big Kristapple11036762_10153218528936773_1810885780710360880_n


I want to be excited for the draft, but I’m too scared the Knicks will screw it up10342901_868705373202006_632474490811906089_n


How come the knicks don’t love me man?11231805_868791073193436_2372433862115569805_n


In the name of the Zen, and of the Melo and of the holy kristaps434594


Knicks fans right nowCIYt9HMUYAAtwA3

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