Keemstar Memes

Keemstar is a douche!


Imagine a world without Keemstar60867000


When Bae posts a new picture11232608_1636027586626620_262516579_n


When the lobby starts roasting11379322_758504500932410_85985302_n


When Keemstar blocks you59361352


Ecy vs. Keem


@gaidT nope just lol at how u want my attention. How’s the never having a father around working for you.maxresdefault


DJ Keemstar is my bitch7cf56f430f383d6933e024b0ee43dacf342edebee17e462f99cd6b117d576ac2


Dj Keemstar? Why not AJ Keemstar?8ee2dce4a444e27c16d4f8f73d64959ee22907d32c95cfd599ff3d84daf1fba6


Not sure if Keemstar is trolling his fans…. or just fucking retarded9362f97216a2c5e5bc10f97e2973590b9ccba37892b6e67749df041209edb311

Keemstaryou the real MVP



Brace yourself Keemstar is coming56891163


What if Keemstar was stupid and I was a genius 59174033


one does not simply support Keemstarindex

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