Joe Biden Obama Memes

“I left a Kenyan passport in your desk, just to fuck with him”


“Oh and a prayer rug in your bedroom. He’s gonna lose it”

“Dammit Joe”

Obama: Wave at the people, Joe.

Biden: Imma point at’em

Obama: Please just wave.


“Barrack please don’t leave me with them”

“Joe you’re leaving when I leave”

“Oh right lmao love you”



Obama: Did you replace all the toiletries with travel size bottles?

Biden: He’s got tiny hands Barack, I want him to feel welcome here

Biden: Trump better not get in my face cause I’ll drop that mother fucker

Obama: Joe, shut up


Biden: I changed white house wifi password to “ILoveMexicans”‘ if Trump wins, he’s never gonna have service

Obama: You savage af Joe

“Ok so if chocalate cows don’t exist, explain chocolate milk..”

“Joe, go sit down”

Biden: Ok her’s the plan, have you seen home alone

Obama: Joe, no

Biden: Just one booby trap

Obama: Joe

Joe *Mocking* Look am me I’m Bill and I sit like a first lady

Obama: Lmao stop

Bill: What’s that?

Joe: Nothing.. lmao

Obama: Why’d you text me to come over?

Joe: I got two nerf guns under the table, on 3 we shoot the republicans

Obama: were in the middle of a mee-

Joe U in or you’re out

Joe: What if we take the batteries out of all the remotes before we leave

Barack: joe we can’t-

Joe or we could cut the cords


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