Iphone 6s, ipad pro and Pencil Memes

The new #ipadpro #apple

Hate to brag, but I am the first person to get my hands on the new #Apple #Pencil @lifeisSavage

intrducing denny’s toothpick. Your teeth, performing at full potential. @DennysDiner

artist’s rendering of ipad pro does make it look a bit awkward @mims

The ipad home outside drive-in edition! @drew

First customer leaving best buy with new ipad. @nxthompson

the fact that apple is coming out with [something jobs would have hated] strikes me as a sign of health @ezraklein


ipad pro selfie stick announced


#ipadpro going to be huge #apple #ipadp


can’t wait to get my hands on the new ipad pro! #ipadpro #ipad #applevent #applelive #apple

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