Internet Marketing Memes

Change my Facebook page font so it matches the font on my website.

This is not your average everyday stupid, it’s advance stupid

I don’t know what conversation rates are

and at this point I’m afraid to ask

Different types of SEO client’s

Keyword Vanity disorder – Usually a schizophrenic and extremely vain

The know it all- Knows nothing, references SEO white papers

The SEO dependent one – Blames SEO when business sales drop

The perfect SEO client – listens understands gives it time

Search Engine Marketing

What my freinds think I do

What my boos thinks I do

What my parents think I do

What google thinks I do

What I think I do

What I really do

Client orders a website with specific instructions. They’re gonna change their mind 4 times.

I guarantee it

I love it but there are a few more changes I think we should make.

Has to redesign entire project



I don’t know who you are…

but I will look you up on linkedin and I will find you

You’re a designer and you’re a designer everyone is a designer

used hashtags before it was cool

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