Happy Memorial Day Memes 2016

What day Memorial Day? Memorial Day lands on May 30,2016

Happy Memorial Day

I like the taste of freedom

In case you thought it was about a 3 day weekend

Memorial Day

Cattle die kinsmen die all men are mortal. Words of praise will never perish nor a noble name – the havamal; book of viking wisdom

Whay if I told you Memorial Day remembers people that died in wars, veterans day honors those that survived

3 day weekend aaaaaaaand its gone

If everyone could stop confusing labor day with Memorial Day that would be great

Memorial Day in case you thought it was national BBQ day

Not sure if memorial day or national barbecue day

Deserving of our honor this memorial day.. and all others who have fought and died for our country

Brace Yourselves  facebook statuses that confuse memorial day with labor day are coming

IN case you thought it was about a 3 day weekend


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