Election Day 2016 Funny Memes

I deleted 18 minutes of recordings and had to resign as president – Nixon

I deleted 30,000 emails and I’m running for president – Hillary Clinton

If I’m president the world won’t laugh at me – Donald Trump

Let the memes begin

Trump, Hilary Election Day November 8, 2016

We shall Over Comb Trump 2016

Who wore it better

Foreign Policy? Mess with the United States & there will be hell toupee

I vote Democrat because I deserve the fruits of your labor

All your votes are belong to us

Kanye for president

You mean to tell me American use facebook to decide how to vote!

So you’re against immigration? Splendid! When do you leave?

Just realized if Hillary wins…. I get interns

Mexicans are killers and rapists

Muslims need to be kept out of the USA

The pop is a stupid weakling

I hate to jump to conclusions

Screw Donald Trump vote for Pedro

I will build a wall to keep Mexicans out! – Donald Trump

WHo is going to build that – Mexican

I don’t always run for president but when I do I try to offend as many voters as possible


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