Dusty Rhodes Memes

Exactly what the hell is good for buisness


I beat Ric Fulayeah Twenty fi’ towzan times in a row.What have you done latelytumblr_loaki2EapC1qjkec8o1_400


When I see Dusty Rhodes27fea37f6cd93773ea3e0b1d50f1faa0ced984e6ac762ab6f036d07521a201b8


Says that WWE scripted promos suck. Watches Dusty Rhodes promos from Jim Crockett era just to make fun of unscripted promos10ecafc40564df054452879deee1b6f978e7fd18f23c372685523f7168b98d71


Dusty Rhodes says “Don’t be silly…” Don’t play with your willyuuuu


ohmigawd Dat Assindekx


I never felt closer to the art of professional wrestling than when I talked to Dusty Rhodessafe_image.php


“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodessafe_image.php¬† index

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