Drunk Baby Memes

I like my beer like I like my milk straight from the tap


Drunk baby coming in my turf? I want his cradle rocked off the treetop, you hear me?Screen-shot-2012-06-29-at-3.14.13-PM


I shit you not, the airplane was coming right for my mouth7d2382ac0c318d2fe894238b2d78be5d


Finish my bottle, woke up behind barsimfages


No I can’t drink anymore. I have to wake up and wake my parents at 4amdrunk-baby_c_1416419


Im just saying that… that Dora… I’d like to explore herdrunk-baby-is-nasty_o_836612


I don’t know what you’re putting in these bottles, But keep em comin6a0133f30ae399970b0192aa1b43fc970d-pi


So I was staggering home and it hit me, when did I learn to walk?35938701


Babe, my power wheel’s outside. Lemme take you back to my cribimages


This bitch. You know what this bitch does? After 9 months she evicts me and says “Happy Birthday”drunk-baby-strikes-again


Ok, ok, so listen.. listen.. I cried and the next thing I know is I have a titty in my mouthingdex


The guy’s nowhere to be found. Then i hear “Peek-a-boo” and I shit you not, there he wasindejgx


i shit you not, just kidding, shit I diddrunk-baby-syounot


So then I said, NO this little piggy is going to the bar.drunk-baby-piggybar

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