Drake Back to Back Memes #BackToBack

babe, tweet it’s our tour, not just your tour #backtoback

How did tyler perry get in the studio before @meekmell ??

When meek in his feelings – The Meekend

People don’t understand how petty Drake is, this picture is when Toronto Beat Philly to win Back to Back titles!

You wanna see a dead body?

Lethal Weapon 3 Starring Drake and Safaree


When Drake said ” i ride through ya city in a wrath bumpin AR-AB”

When you heard ” trigga fingers turn into twitter fingers, you getting bodied by a singing nigga” @meekmill

When you wake up a see drake dissed meek again

Drake looking at these meme…..

Meek Mill listening to Back to Back

Its my tour right?

See I told you to leave drake alone

If he dies he dies


Lethal Weapon starring Meek Mill and Drake


Baby can you text him and tell him was just playing #backtoback

Cause of death: Bodied by a singing nigga

When they continue to let Rico play after Drake verse end

Shout out to all boss bitches wifing niggas

Kanye West Wiz Khalifa Amber Rose Memes

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