Diddy UCLA Memes

Shyne be like I ain’t taking thisshit you’re on ya own


Yo Shine! I’m locked up where you at?diddyarrested4


Diddy be like Take that, Take that201506_2224_ghegf_sm


Mo Kettleball Mo Problemsimageos


When you accidentally say the greatest rapper didnt die on march 9th11379935_1589080264691556_2052280346_n


If you don’t want a player’s father…. All up in your practices, all on the sidelines dancing, come to USCim[ages


Its all about the kettlebells baby201506_2228_hcagb_sm


UCLA Footballdiddy-ucla


Diddy up in the UCLA weight room like More Kettlebell images

Diddy out here thinking he Thor #FreeDiddy11428117_795122490601025_175412646_n


Who you gonna scapegoat now punk11379148_914005548640660_1148869053_n


Free me please11348381_893274747405942_36550045_n

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