Diddy BET Awards 2015 Memes

Steph Curry crossover on P. Diddy


Diddy fell like11357364_610832349053532_164663906_n


Nigga I just fell theu the mfuckkin stage, can u hurry this shit up11336051_1643780235836584_1390989090_n




First let me hop out the muffuckin hole11352052_725787684192913_408600406_n


Diddy fell like 11334604_1640355232898994_457703635_n


If you dont want your ceo falling all at the BET Awards come to Death Row11356725_911010462292462_1784223499_n


Diddy are you ok? Are you ok Diddy11378436_1584346438484395_1784417751_n


@slickrik_darula: When Biggie tries to pull you to hell for killing him11252280_459395340900429_145708069_n


We fall down but we get up11374693_602117186557637_1758541388_n

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