Bill Cosby Memes

Bill Cosby with the shot boy


White girl wanna watch Bill Cosby Show rerunsCJW9UjyVEAA-7Cy


Look, either we fucking or I’m Fuckingtumblr_nr78tdWkE61rua94ho1_500


I’ll rufie ur coke n then give u a puddin popnzwhf


That feeling you get from being Americas most beloved serial rapist9d0


Pudding pop her right in the pussyimages


Someone really thought #cosbymeme was a good idea?screen-shot-2014-11-11-at-9-32-48-am-png

Stare directly at the sweater you are getting very sleepy111114-national-bring-week-back-bill-cosby-meme-twitter-backfires


I like my women the way I like my pudding pops, passed out cold6b2


I just googled “Bill Cosby” and “Rape”resize


Now I can’t hear you say Nobill-cosby-meme-b-e1415669965991

14 allegations of rape? zipzopzubittybop!index

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