Being Single Memes

I’ll never join one of those online dating services. i prefer to meet someone the old fashioned way.

Through alchol and poor judgment #BeerGooglesRule

Being single sucks when you know exactly who you want.

There are two type of single people.

  1. desperately wants to be in a relationship
  2. desperately want to remain single for as long as possible.

I am both

Girl becomes single.

All male population becomes zombies: Loooove Me


All my friends are in relationships like this…. I like that boulder, that is a really nice boulder

Why are there rings on Saturn? Because God liked it, so he put a ring on it.

Satan was not a single lady



building my empire

This is why I’m single:

U wanna go out


O meant do u wanna go out with me lmao

Yea where to


Dating at 21

Dating at 25



Busy getting money

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