Arthur and DW Memes

Arthur Memes


Youuu areeeee! the source of my strength!

What are you willing to do, ohh tell me what you’re willing to doooo, kiss it better babyyyy

D.W. – Uh I feel kinda silly doing this, but um, this is the waitress from the coffee house on 39th and lenox

When you’ve got the aux, the bass is about to drop, and it fades ot to “in a quarter mile, make a left on…..”

How financial aid be when you call them asking about your money @fafsa

D.W. – Just ask my mama if I can spen the night she gone say yes to you

I’m on hypnotic, exotic, this polo on my body

When you’ve scrolled all the way down to his 187th week on instagram and know every woman you should keep tabs on

Send me a pic that’s not on Twitter or IG

Theres a meeting in my bedroom

Arthur: Bedroom

Buster: Beddroom

Binky: Bedroom

The Brain: Bedroom

How you gonna let your mom talk to you that way. This is your space she can’t d……

Dang Netflix trippin…. You want a massage or some

Although there’s no money in this birthday card we just want to let you know how much we love….

JR Smith after game 7

When he say make yourself comfortable


I gotta wrap it up before the 11:00 service

Nah, take ya time pastor

I mean we have it pretty hard too… I’m tired of people saying I don’t season my food. It hurts


I got the keys, keys, keys….

Mom: Fix that attitude before I fix it for you

Im just not looking for anything serious rn but don’t get me wrong I still care about you

From what I heard she got a baby by buster


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