2018 Happy New Year Memes

My goals for 2018 is to accomplish the goals of 2017 which I should have done in 2016 because I promised them in 2014 and planned them in 2013


Happy New Year…


Happy New Year Deplorables!

No one one wishes Happy New Year better than me! – President Donald Trump

Lets enter this new year the same way we do every year

Drunk as hell

No “New year /New me” here

I’ll be the same asshole at 12:01 that I was at 11:59 – Leonardo Dicaprio

Happy New Year sport – Leonardo Dicaprio

When you spent all your money at the club on new years eve an forgot rent due on the first. – Michael Jordan Crying face

Let’s make New Years great again. – President Donald Trump

Hey you! Happy New Year – President Barack obama

Almost time for that “New year, New me” bullshit – Robert Downey Jr.

This new years eve, at around 11:55pm, order a pizza for delivery, when it arrives tell the driver, I ordered this a year ago!

When you hear New Year celebrations

Happy New Year

Happy New year

…And shut up and gimme another beer, damnit!

If you could go ahead and stop wishing me a Happy New Year that’d be great

New Year party? Where?

I can’t believe it’s new years already, It seems like it was just new years last year

Oh no! i don’t have new years eve plans yet

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