Me to Me Kermit The Frog Memes

Me to Me Kermit Memes

Me: I’m not even that hungry. Plus, I need to save money, I’m broke

Me to me: You’re starving

me: sees a fluffy dog

me to me: steal him

Me: warmup feels good today. Can’t wait to improve me technique with some 75% triples

Me to me: don’t waste your newfound power on triples. max out today. Coach will never know

Me: only one drink and I’m out

Me mid way that drink: tell the bartender you’d like to start a tab

Me: but you aren’t even really pregnant

Me to me: Bitch do you need the money for your hair or not

ice accidentally drops in kitchen

Me to me: kick it under the fridge

She really a nice girl, I wanna see where this goes.

Smash and dip

But she…


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