Giants vs Cowboys memes 2016

Wow we went from having the best record in the NFL to having the best record in the NFL


Can’t spell Dallas without two L’s


If you don’t support us when we lose don’t sup[port us when we win

How come Dez don’t want me man?

When they try and hate on you but you still have the best record in the league and will be the number one seed in the NFC


Is Chris Christie still behind me? I just can’t shake this dude…

When you take a loss but You’re still #1 – ConorĀ  Mcgregor


Russians did it

Brace yourself, Play Romo takes are coming


The Giants are a good team too. – Jerry Jones

Okay you’ve got jokes – Jay Z

The face you make when you realize the cowboys actually play defense

well, we all know which QB wins the swimsuit contest

And the Oscar goes to Dak Prescott for that fake on Cowboys touchdown

Dallas Cowboys record is : 11 – 2 Giants helmets

One of these guys owns the dallas cowboys and the other is Jerry jones

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